1. General

A scam would mean that someone set out to steal your money. We don’t want to steal your money. Quite the contrary. We want to help you achieve financial freedom step by step.

Mr Nino Marco Fiammingo is the initiator and is responsible for the investments. He is 41 years old and Dipl. W. Ing (FH) (Dipl. Economic Engineer) and from Germany. He already has experience founding financial service institutes in Germany (§32 KWG) and has a good reputation with the BAFIN (the department of financial service regulators)  in Germany. He has many years experience managing umbrella funds in Luxemburg with millions in capital.

From the age of 12  Nino Fiammingo already had to help out in his father’s business. No matter whether in later years it was keeping all the books, cost control and general controlling; furthermore there were many tasks and agencies that were taken over.  He has many years experience in the financial branch along with Forex/Eurex trading. Lastly he was EDI-Manager for over 5 years for the Dr Ing. H.c.F. Porsche AG in Zuffenhausen Germany.

When you look at our website then you see that we are doing everything to be up front and give complete information. There is no small print. Each month we show a video showing real time investments from the page of the investment partner. You can see our complete accounting. Where else can this be be seen?

Because our common goal is to receive a pension of US$8000 per month through the unique use of US$40.

Humanity has been oppressed and exploited for thousands of years! During this time only 1% of the people made over 50% of the world’s wealth. It’s time to change that! In recent years companies have emerged that give us the foundation of  making this happen and enabling the generation large returns.

We started on November 11, 2015.

Of the US$40 US$30 will be invested with HYIPs. Admin costs are around US$ 3 to 5. The remainder is converted into system units. What these are is explained later on.

When you pay your membership of US$40 you are taking part in the system of MyPensionPlan.Works! You will receive a certificate showing your participation. Every month a detailed overview of all activities is created (account movements of the complete system, investments, monthly payouts of the matrix, your own statement etc). Because we use a fixed marketing system the payouts increase step by step from US$ 0/US$ 1/US$3/US$ 10/US$ 40/US$ 200/US$1000 to US$ 8000 per month. Upon reaching US$8000 it does not increase further. We call these steps the payout matrix.

In principle it’s the same as a standard marketing system only with the difference of all of us working together instead of only for oneself as an individual. Also a significant difference to a traditional system is that in the lower levels a higher procentage is paid. This one begins with small payouts, but develops disproportionately to US$ 8,000 because we pay at the lowest level more percents.

With a normal growth (even if we don’t take into consideration our continued growth through reinvestment of the surplus shares and the growing system shares ), we can take the matrix a step further each month. Normal growth means that each member after joining helps to bring in three new members.

The videos explain this in detail. It’s step by step from each level filled by members to the next to reach the US$8000.

Because we would be paying something that we don’t deserve and that isn’t normal.

Yes, theoretically you can buy any number of shares with one restriction: Per person, the minimum distance between the units must be at least 1,000 places! This might not be that interesting to some because of more time needed to generate a reflux.

This way everyone has the same chance! The founding members also cannot buy as many shares at the beginning, but as an example, place 1 can acquire the next unit at the earliest in Level 7!

Of course! Everyone may participate but minors only with permission of parents and/or guardians.

A deposit and withdrawal system can, of course, be used for more than one person.

No, there can be one User with multiple users below managing the account which is useful for families.

No, there is no referral link. A referral link would be against our system. We all work together to reach our goal of financial independence.

2. The Concept

Our main concern is to minimize risk and maximize opportunity!

Instead of investing  a large amount oneself, and thus to taking a bigger risk in buying, we consciously chose another way where each member can participate with a minimum amount, but still have the chance of becoming financially independent.

This is of course not the conventional pension plan where one pays in over a long period of time in order to receive a pension in later years. Here there is only a one-time payment of US$40 which gives the chance of reaching US$8000 a month after some months.

This is a unique concept and only works because we all work together as a team with the same goal! Hence we support each other for the common good.

There are no more costs or charges for members.

Key factors to our success are:

  • broad expertise in Investment / asset management
  • broad expertise in business / Management/ IT etc.
  • constant support among members
  • risk diversification and targeted investment choices
  • short-term development of its own systems
  • international contacts
  • competent partners in sales
  • possibility of local presence (members meetings)

The maximum risk would be the total loss of US$40 USD.

But as already written, we do everything we can to prevent that because we want a stable income for all of us. Very important in this case is the careful selection of investments but an eye must still be kept on risk diversification.

We do not have to worry about this because our system carries itself along from the very beginning continuous growth also due to the system shares, growth shares and the reinvestment of the surplus (again into system shares).

As stated in the video, this is definitely not a pyramid scheme, because we only use returns on investments for pay-outs.

What is also important is that we also grow even if no new members are added.

As system share is a component of the system, i.e. it belongs to the system itself. All returns arising from these are then returned converted back into new system shares. This leads to constant growth and helps the system and the matrix connected to the system to continue to grow.

System components are generated by several mechanisms:

  • Returns from system shares themselves
  • surplus from the matrix (i.e. all funds available from the monthly dividend, minus   what is actually distributed through the matrix)
  • US$ 7 automatically entered  into the system shares  which are then converted at regular intervals.

Growth or follow-up shares are shares are shares purchased by a member after the purchase of the initial share or those automatically assigned through  the matrix after the sum of US$200. These shares are treated as ordinary shares and also receive returns according to your level. Recoveries of growth / follow-up shares are also apparent in the statistics and are included in the initial share purchased by the member to make the overview easier. This is especially easier for those who manage multiple members to see at a glance the balance of each member.

This is for the protection of all members. The founding members also had to comply with this rule. This so that the founding members were not able to accumulate more shares; absolute fairness is required Therefore the first members have only a slight advantage over later ones, because through the continuous growth the advantage will be evened out.

The idea of community should be in the foreground. People with lots of money should not have any advantage over people with less money who can afford only one share. This is very important to us.

3. Participation

Legal entities (associations, companies, organizations, associations, etc.) may not participate. For the simple reason, because we check personal data to make sure the 1000 steps rule has been complied with and not that someone has multiple accounts to get around this rule. Should a member be found to have evaded the rule by using various verification IDs then the member faces account deletion without compensation for any held share or shares.

Members must be natural persons.

Minors may also participate if their parents and/or guardians agree. Each country has it’s own law in regard to reaching the age of majority hence this stipulation in regard to permission.

This is a world-wide opportunity. No country is excluded. Please select your country  (the country that you are a resident of) from the country list when registering.

You may buy shares for others but only with their knowledge and permission and also only after making sure that they are not yet a member here.

4. Website performance

Content coming soon

5. Deposits and Withdrawals

As of February 2016 deposits and withdrawals can be made through ADVcash.

We are working on the integration of other payment processors in order to offer even more options.

Paypal and direct bank deposit will not be available because these are too uncertain. Lately Paypal has frozen the accounts of quite a few online businesses without  giving these any prior notice of said action.

There are many members though who are willing to help other members register Payeer and/or ADVcash .

We work together as a community and how nice this is can be seen here!

Also we have switched an account service that lets you open a members account for a small fee and can purchase your shares over us. It’s simple, you fill out us a form easily commissioned, transfers us the total amount due and we’ll do everything else for you. This service you can use here: https://goo.gl/GGKlZg

We have many members who offer their service to members who have trouble registering with Payeer or ADVcash. Please go to the forum to find them.

Don’t worry, nobody gets left out in the cold!

Also we have switched an account service that lets you open for a small fee both a membership account with us, as well as a AdvCash account. It’s simple, you fill out us a form easily commissioned, transfers us the applicable Service fee and we’ll do everything else for you. This service you can use here: https://goo.gl/GGKlZg

Withdrawals are still semi-automatic.

To withdraw please send an email to
giving the following information:

  • Name, first name (of those who request the withdrawal)
  • The number on your share(s)
  • The amount to withdraw
  • Where to send the withdrawal to, Payeer or ADVcash
  • Your account number for either ADVcash or Payeer

The withdrawal will then be done manually and can be seen on your account here.

Withdrawals will soon be fully automatic.

This feature should be available soon and on your account.

To purchase for someone else you may only do so it fhe person is still not a member of MyPensionPlan.Works because otherwise the share can’t be correctly allocated.

There are really no conditions for withdrawals.

However we reserve the right to check member identities for payouts from US$200 upwards to make sure the few rules have been adhered to.

There is no clear answer to this because it depends on individual preferences.

As of February 2016 we would lean towards a preference for ADVcash because they are easy to fund through SEPA and they have very low fees.

6. Investments

We would like here to a few principles received by the investment choices:

As we are in an environment where a high risk exists, it is important to pay special attention to the fact that the investment partner is likely to have already been active for a longer period of time, has consistently paid out and ownership is not hidden. Especially in the field of HYIP this is unfortunately rarely the case. Therefore, a risk diversification is much harder. Nevertheless, we do our best to find other HYIPs that meet as many of  these criteria as possible.

In the future to avoid the further risking of large sums we will develop our own systems, this is possible because we already have the capacity and the expertise. We can now  reveal that we are already in the development of our own systems, because this allows us to keep a better overview of our investment here. This then is in our hands,  hence we need not invest into a black hole.

The answer is yes, and we are already analysing and testing different systems.

As already mentioned the investment options are quite different from dealing with private risk investments or the responsibility of investing sums belonging to customers/members. One has to connect classic investment selection strategies with modern ones and it also needs to be said that a certain instinct for this has to be had, especially when dealing with HYIPs.

Therefore please understand that although we welcome suggestions we do have to be very careful here.

If an investment partner fails to payout  for a longer period of time no longer and there are indications and evidence of serious difficulties then the  pertaining investment capital needs to be revised as a precaution. Monthly statements would be automatically adjusted and possibly also a turning back of the matrix.

Spreading the risk is an important aspect of the basic criteria of MyPensionPlan.Works! At the beginning this cannot yet be carried out perfectly, because on one hand we have to get the minimum investment sums and on the other hand we have to spread the risk around to achieve returns within a reasonable time frame.

The investments of MyPensionPlan.Works! optimally designed requires an extreme sensitivity, especially since we are moving in the high-risk area of investment! Parallel we can hint that we are in the process of developing our own systems that we will run and maintain. This is very important because we then hold the reins in our own hands and do not simply invest into a black hole.

There are several concepts in the analysis phase and we will inform you in due time about it.

Complete security does not exist. That would be the same as playing the lottery with a guarantee of not losing any money. Nonetheless we will do everything possible to minimize the risk through analysis and strategies to the very best of our ability. But something can always happen through circumstances one is powerless to stop, to change everything and cause all risk strategies to fail.

As a rule we only invest small sums in order to test the investment partner. The internal workings are tested, along with the calculation method, credits, funding and withdrawing and support etc etc. This is the reason for small sums being shown on the investment page from time to time.

If the investment is not yet listed in the forum under investments you are allowed to recommend it to us. We currently have a number of recommended investments that we need to work through. Therefore please be patient.

Of course you can but it would be nice if you would use our investments referral link because the referral fee earned would flow back into MyPensionPlan.Works and benefit all of us.

7. Safety / Liability / Disclaimer

Since we are active with our concept in many countries around the world, we cannot and will not make any statement on this subject.

Every member has the responsibility to address this issue themselves and find their own solutions. We are not liable for these issues.

As with any financial investment, there is a risk of loss. Thus, also in this case. The risk remains of a total loss.

This is exactly why we have made the risk for each individual as low and the chances as high as possible.

Since we cannot foresee what the future will bring  we can also make no guarantees. We ask for your understanding. But members can be  assured that we as a team of MyPensionPlan.Works! will do everything to ensure that our common goal – financial independence – is achieved.

Since we have already explained the risk and management to hold risks to a minimum we do not accept any liability for the minimum investment of a share price of only US$40.

We are absolutely legal, honest and transparent.

As in the video and also set forth here in the FAQs we are NOT a pyramid scheme. We are a community with the common interest of aiming to be financially independent. Therefore we help each other to achieve this goal.

Before purchasing a unit, you should also be aware that you would like to share our vision and our system. If you, for whatever unimaginable us reason whatsoever, according to the agreed sale of a portion (or portions) they want to repel again, you the following options and conditions are exclusively available:

1. cancel the purchase within 30 days from date of purchase

  • After completion of the purchase of one or more units, we grant you a maximum ‘right of withdrawal’ of 30 days. After this period, a cancellation is no longer possible.
  • A withdrawal during this period may take place only as long as no withdrawals were made.
  • All hitherto possibly incurred credits lapse in favor of the system.
  • Since part of the sum invested is immediately placed firmly in favor of the system when purchasing a unit, a maximal $20,00 will be refunded.
  • The fraction position is then reserved for the next emerging system share.


2. Private ‘disclosure’ of its own shares

  • The units may also be passed on to someone privately.
  • To this end, the new owner must have registered an account with MPPW.
  • The shares, you give in this case, your entire account to the new owner. This you can independently in your profile to the new owner to customize, just the one you specified during registration User Name can not be changed and must be signed by the new owner that.
  • Partial transfers are not possible!
  • The private disclosure is NOT a listing of MPPW! Thus, the entire process must be organized and carried out by the current owner (you) out.
  • In this variant, it is imperative AFTER writing the handover and profile description to the new owner an email to info@mypensionplan.works , with a request for rewriting the certificates. This email must contain the following data:
    – Name- and surname of the new owner
    – Street of the new proprietor
    – Postcode / City / Country of the new proprietor
    – Email address of the new owner
    – The numbers of ALL shares in this account.

8. Miscellaneous

You can register (without further obligation) and then in our forum ask questions, or you can come to one of our members’ meetings. The dates are published in the Forum.

Since we do not have an individual referral system for advertising purposes you use the normal link: https.//mypensionplan.works

There are also banners in different languages, which can be embedded, for example on advertising websites. These can be found here: https://mypensionplan.works/banner/

Mein Name ist Nino Marco Fiammingo, geb 1974 in Karlsruhe, Dipl.W.Ing. (FH) und bereits mit jungen Jahren als Juniorchef 2er Firmen tätig. Neben dem Studium war das damals schon eine Herausforderung und ich war Zeit meines Lebens in der Situation Verantwortung zu tragen, flexibel agieren zu müssen und unter starkem Druck zu arbeiten. Dies hat sich dann auch fortgesetzt bei der Diplomarbeit und der Mithilfe bei der Gründung eines Finanzdienstleistungsunternehmens nach dem damals neuen KWG-Gesetz (nach §32 und folgende) und der Leitung von 3 Dachfonds, sowie dem Management von Intraday-Trading von Eurex-Positionen. Auch die Tätigkeit bei der Dr.Ing. h.c.F. Porsche AG in Zuffenhausen als EDI-Manager war von starker Eigenverantwortung und dem Arbeiten unter grossem Druck gekennzeichnet. Wo andere Firmen wie Daimler Benz und Volkswagen kleine Abteilungen einsetzen, habe ich über 5 Jahre alleinig und bis zum Schluss ohne Vertretung diese Tätigkeit ausgeführt. Im Jahre 2008 hat sich die Möglichkeit ergeben, mich zurückzuziehen und mit meiner Familie in Ruhe zu leben, in einem Umfeld, in dem speziell meine Kinder wohlbehütet und ohne unnötigen Stress aufwachsen können, denn auch in diesem Bereich bin ich mir meiner Verantwortung sehr wohl bewusst. Wir haben nach zahlreichen Gesprächen und vielen Vorbereitungen entschieden nach Paraguay auszuwandern, wo wir uns eine neue Existenz aufgebaut haben. Uns ging es hier gut und eigentlich wollte ich dies auch so weiterführen bis ich mich im Jahre 2015 intensiv mit dem Thema HYIPs, also hochverzinslichen, aber auch hochspekulativen Anlagen im Internet beschäftigt habe. Dabei ist mir nach intensiver Recherche aufgefallen, dass es tatsächlich einige wenige Programme gab, wo man Risikokapital (sprich einen vernünftigen Anteil seines Gesamtvermögens) anlegen könnte. Bei einer Durchschnittsverzinsung von ca. 20% im Monat, kannst du damit einiges verdienen, vorausgesetzt du bist bereit, das entsprechende Kapital anzulegen. Und genau hier ist der Haken! Wer hat heute noch genügend Risikokapital auf der Seite, um mal schnell mehrere 10.000 Euro anzulegen. Nein, im Gegenteil, jeder spürt, dass der Geldbeutel kleiner wird, von Monat zu Monat, von Jahr zu Jahr. Was noch vor 20 Jahren selbstverständlich zu erwerben war, wird heute finanziert. Was aber passiert, wenn die schon lange erwartete grössere Arbeitslosigkeitswelle weltweit eintritt? Auch der Spiegel schreibt ganz offen (2015), dass es das berühmte 1 % der Weltbevölkerung mittlerweile geschafft hat über 50 % des Weltvermögens auf sich anzuhäufen. Ich frage mich, wie lange wollen wir bei diesem Treiben noch zuschauen? Wie lange lassen wir uns das gefallen, dass der Krieg “Reich gegen Fleissig” so weitergeht?

Es muss Alternativen geben und so habe ich mir Gedanken gemacht, wie du mit sehr sehr wenig Risikokapital (also einem einmaligen kleinen Einsatz von Kapital) Schritt für Schritt aber dauerhaft einen monatlichen Rückfluss erzielen kannst, um dich diesem immensen Einfluss des Kaufkraftverlustes zu entziehen und mind. für die kommende Krise eine Möglichkeit hast, vorgesorgt zu haben. Um die 1% (die selbsternannte Elite) brauchen wir uns keine Sorgen zu machen, wir müssen für uns vorsorgen! Um mich selber ging es dabei nicht in erster Linie, aber auch ich habe noch viele Verwandte, Freunde und Bekannte in Deutschland, die auch, wenn sie möchten, den Absprung aus dem klassischen System nicht schaffen. Und so begann ich mir Gedanken zu machen…

Ich darf ganz ehrlich zugeben, das Konzept ist mir regelrecht zugeflogen und war innerhalb von 3 Tagen fertiggestellt, obwohl es ein vergleichbares System meines Wissens weltweit nicht gibt. Aber es gab Puzzlestücke dazu und diese Puzzlestücke wurden richtig zusammengesetzt! Heraus kam ein Konzept, in dem du mit einer einmaligen “Investition” die grossartige Chance hast monatlich 8.000 USD zu erhalten! Dieses System baut darauf, dass wir – wie in vielen anderen Bereichen auch – als Gemeinschaft viel stärker und erfolgreicher sind, als ein Einzelner. Leider wurden wir aber darauf konditioniert, immer mit dem Ellbogen zu arbeiten und uns nicht an den Händen zu fassen und gemeinsam vorwärts zu gehen, wenn wir sowieso schon die gleichen Ziele haben! Bei diesem Konzept ist es aber so, dass wir uns wirklich gegenseitig helfen und unterstützen, ja sogar durch automatische Mechanismen. Diejenigen, die früher teilnehmen, haben nur unwesentliche Vorteile, dürfen dabei aber auch wesentlich mehr arbeiten, damit unser Konzept erfolgreich wird. Also auch hier findet ein Ausgleich statt. Grob formuliert könntest du es so ausdrücken, dass alle, die neu hinzukommen allen denjenigen helfen, die schon vorher teilgenommen haben. Und sobald die Mitglieder die länger dabei sind, Stück für Stück in den Genuss des Rückflusses kommen, helfen sie all denjenigen, die nach ihnen teilgenommen haben! Zusätzlich gibt es einen Mechanismus, der für dauerhaftes Wachstum des Systems sorgt, auch wenn keine neuen Mitglieder mehr hinzukommen. Ein eindeutiges Indiz, dass wir KEIN Schneeballsystem sind.

Haben wir Deine Aufmerksamkeit? Hört sich das für Dich interessant an? Dann dürfen wir Dir raten: Nimm Dir die Zeit und schaue Dir die Videos an oder besuche einen unserer Mitgliedertreffs!

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