All right, you’ve now understood the basic principles of the marketing system and would now like to know how the monthly statement works.

90% of the income that the system receives will be paid into the marketing system. 10% will be used for member meetings either locally or internationally and therefore again be of benefit to members!

This revenue of 90% will be paid into the system and we ensure that the following matrix can be used on the established system:

10 USD
40 USD
200 USD (including 1 growth share)
1,000 USD (including 3 growth shares)
8,000 USD (including 5 growth shares)


Regarding the example above:

We have a total of 152 members in the system.

90% of the revenue in this example is 820.80 USD.

Let’s now try to use the matrix in such a way that at Level 1(one) 1,000 USD can be withdrawn. This would be 2,504 USD in total which is not possible because we only have 820.80 USD available. Hence, let’s now try to set the matrix to a lower level and start at level 1 with 200 USD, it fits now! And the difference between 820.80 USD- 572 USD = 248.80 USD (the surplus capital) will be reinvested to keep the tree growing!

As you can see at 200 USD / 1,000 USD / 8,000 USD respectively shares for growth will automatically be purchased. This means that members already in profit will help the others to also advance!

The surplus capital that was not withdrawn will also be reinvested. This too causes the tree to grow!

With all these facts there’s only one thing left to say: Sign up

… and within a very short time you will also be in a position to receive your monthly pension!


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